Nicoletta Ferroni
128 pages, Ed. Sì
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Different ways of birth are different ways to approach to life. It's very interesting to find out how we experienced the 9 months in the womb, how we arrived here, if we have been accepted or disrupted, cared or neglected, how we've been fed. It's interesting and usefull because in our cellular memory we have this kind of information. And this kind of information lives with us in everyday life. According to the perceptions we had when we were born, we have developed a certain kind of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that characterize our personality. Many paths of personal growth, including Rebirthing, the Metamorphic Technique, Birthbreath, indicate how to discover our birth imprinting.
This book offers an opportunity to ask and find out how our birth was and how we can explore and transform the hidden sides of our being, especially those sides that do not allow us to fully live our lives.
This book is an exciting journey in search of ourselves and our truth.

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by Nicoletta Ferroni


Elisabetta Malvagna

Ansa journalist, author of the books "Partorire senza paura" (Give birth without fear) and "Il parto in casa. Istruzioni per l'uso" (Giving birth at home-instructions for use), both Red Editions. For contacts please visit his two blog: and

Our lives can change if we discover how we were born: this is the fascinating argument in the book "Il primo respiro (The first breath), the fruit of the work, the dedication, passion and experience in Rebirthing of Nicoletta Ferroni. After many cases of unsuccess in the delivery room, the need of changing the approach to birth is urgent. Health for mother and child should be the main purpose for the public and private health care. On the contrary, it seems that everything is going in the opposite direction. This book offers insights, I dare say revolutionary insights, to future mothers and future dad, parents and even to operators of birth. Emphasizing too often underestimated: the way in which we were born can influence all our lives and our future behaviour. The author leads us along a path to discover "unimaginable" things about ourselves, and especially to learn how to transform them. In short, she teaches us how we can become how we want to be. And this is not a little thing.

Vanessa Massarelli 

Educator and social animator of Amelia with a long experience with children and young people, at school and outside, through different methodologies which help to discover one self and respect the others.

The book is a clear mirror that simply reflects the power of breath because "life depends on your breathe". The book makes us aware that the breath is our universe, our present and our memory. It's an opportunity to recall the arrival in the world and a tool for changing trauma. The author through a simple and effective language allows us to be born and, in case to be born again, giving us the opportunity to clarify our lives.

Veronica Petraglia

Reading "Il primo respiro" I discovered: a new perspective from which I can look at me. This book has been for me a tool to deeply understand myself and the aspects of my personality that I thought impossible to change. Thanks to all the exercises, the author proposes, I became aware of many things: how much our life experiences reflect the way we chose to be born. In my case, for example, I always lived as if I missed in my mind "oxytocin" that pushed me to act feeling deeply I can't succeed without the help of others. Today, after reading this book, I am aware that I can decide when I want to start something in my time, that I can let go off control and manipulation, that I can be the best guide of myself. Today, thanks to these jacks of consciousness, I can turn my approach to life! I recommend the book of Nicoletta Ferroni because I believe that a work on our birth is an enrichment for everybody.


10 tecniche per ottenere FORZA CALMA LUCIDITÀ attraverso il respiro
(10 tecniques to achieve FORCE, CALM, CLEARNESS, through the breath)
Nicoletta Ferroni
Price Euro 7,50
ISBN 9768895 577380

The breath is not just oxygen. It is not air that enters and exits in the lungs. It is above all energy, prana and vital flow that regenerates the body and connects the soul in all its dimensions: the Earth and the Universe. Learning how to breathe consciously is a privileged path towards growth and evolution. It makes us capable of channeling messages of Light.
If we want to learn to walk, we first have to learn to raise our spirit to the highest levels of consciousness. We first have to know how to breathe consciously.
The breath makes more fluid any type of vision. When we become aware of the energy around us, we discover that the ordinary reality is just one dimension. When we realize that we are never alone, but always guided and supported, life can be lived in an enveloping light and powerful, without any limits.
The author, Nicoletta Ferroni, describes a path through 10 techniques that improve our connection with ourselves, with the Earth and the Sky. She gives a guide to conscious breathing connecting knowledge of subtle bodies with the techniques of rebirthing and channelling.
Simple exercises of re-education to breath with visualization techniques for improving health, finding a perfect psychophysical balance, vitality and energy.

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Federico Cresta

Holistic practitioner

In this second publication Nicoletta Ferroni describes her knowledge in Rebirthing and Channelling, speaking about conscious breathing. With fluent and interesting style, Ferroni introduces the basic knowledge on breathing and energy centres of the body (phisycal and extra phisycal chakras). She speaks about 10 practical techniques to obtain real benefits from using breathing according to the needs and intentions of each one. Divided into two parts, the first one is theoretical and the second one practical. This book is a real manual that allows you to get in touch quickly with your own vital energy, supporting the reader in the direction of own personal growth. The gentle firmness of the author and the concreteness of her intention, to promote individual development tools, make this book accessible to the neophyte reader who can easily attend to suggestion of this book without risking to feel disoriented. An useful publication for those who have a concrete commitment in their personal development and who want to acquire skills and techniques that are available in the frenzy of contemporary times.

(How to overcome the pain and despair meeting the Light)
by Nicoletta Ferroni

Foreword by Franco Santoro
Price: 9.00 Euro
ISBN 9788895-577791
Edizioni Sì

In this book I have collected several testimonies of brave people, who have known, on their own, the pain and despair of loss, meeting the Light.
Some of these people every day meet their guardian angel, other people meet the spirit of their dear who departed, many of them consider him or her an Angel or a spirit guide, because they feel themselves guided and supported by him or her.

This book was born as a collective and precise gift: to give voice to belief and feeling that nothing is separated, that everything is One, that we are never alone, but always United, even in the "empty" who see our eyes and feel our hands.
The function of this book is to bring peace, joy and relief; anyone will read it, in fact, will have a deep benefit, whether you've lost a loved one, whether you simply want to make peace with death. Because, as Franco Santoro writes in his preface, "In this anthology, Nicoletta Ferroni leads the reader on a journey into the world of death, full of valuable testimonies full of abundant vitality. And this is the great paradox that, in my point of view, it is clear from this book: the death is alive, full of energy, and it is thriving now, in every moment.
Death happens always, and yet it is the argument that people seem to avoid, unless evidence of death is not sure: in a war, a disaster or a fatal disease ".

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Alfonso Guizzardi

psychologist, rebirther, coach (

When Nicoletta asked me to write the story of my mother's death, I considered her request inadequate. Then, as I usually do, I've been thinking for a long time and, in the end, I thought that such a personal story had to be shared only if the story could give a message to other people. This is my personal message: sometimes people we love remain with us beyond all human suffering, beyond any reasonable expectation, beyond any illusory hope, just because they feel our despair in losing them, our despair in thinking that they move away from us forever. And we consider this feeling as love. But it’s wrong: they love us so much to suffer in staying more than they can, while we, selfishly, think only to our sorrow. Love, the one with the capital L, lies in letting go the others, in knowing that, wherever they go, part of the way done together is a piece of an important path for both of us. Everywhere we go, everywhere they go, we are always together for eternity. I would like to wish all of us to be loved for eternity, forever.

Nicoletta Ferroni

Through a path of personal and professional growth, since 1997 she has decided to discover where in everyday life the most common pain and distress come from. Since then, she has tested on herself several benefits in the practice of breath and other holistic techniques that today teaches in workshops and individual sessions. She is rebirther, master reiki usui and karuna ®, astroflorathearpy consultant, theta healing ™ practicioner and teacher. At the moment she has been continuing her training in the fascinating field of Astroshamanism.
She receives in Umbria, Amelia, at the holistic Center IL GIARDINO DELLE MERAVIGLIE; she receives also in Terni, Rome and even from a distance, by skype o by phone.

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